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Hofstra University — “What can we learn from our many battles for civil rights?”

On September 16, 2022, Hofstra Law hosted Constitution Day with the panelist discussion “Tolerance Means Dialogue.”

The event was co-sponsored by Fairness For All Initiative, 1st Amendment Partnership along with Hofstra Law’s student organizations Federalist Society and OUTLaw. The conversation analyzed different constitutional and civil rights cases and how they related to the divide within the United States. Panelists discussed constructive ways to help close the divide and create an atmosphere where everyone can live together even with their differences.

Featuring:Opening Remarks by: President Susan Poser of Hofstra University

Dialogue Catalysts:  Robin Fretwell Wilson of the University of Illinois, William Eskridge, Jr. of Yale Law School

Moderated by: Julian Ku, The Maurice A. Deane Distinguished Professor in Constitutional Law and Professor of Law at Hofstra University


Maurice A. Deane School of Law



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