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Expertise of Wilson and colleagues helped push Respect for Marriage Act over the finish line

Updated: Jan 12

It was a historic day in the fight for marriage equality when the Respect for Marriage Act garnered bipartisan support and passed in the House of Representatives. With the bill making its way to President Biden’s desk, leading religious liberty scholars whose expertise influenced the legislation, including Professor Robin Fretwell Wilson of the University of Illinois College of Law and the Institute of Government and Public Affairs, have been invited to attend the signing ceremony at the White House on Tuesday, December 13.

Respect for Marriage Act
Photo by Kent Nishimura

The contributions of Wilson and her colleagues Douglas Laycock (University of Virginia), Thomas Berg (University of St. Thomas), and Carl Esbeck (University of Missouri) proved to be quite influential, as a co-authored letter by the law professors to Senators Collins and Baldwin urging Republican support was quoted from and cited on numerous occasions during the Senate floor debate



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